The Least of These

Where we’ll raise funds - who has the most

Most of the world’s income is concentrated in the countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), primarily made up of the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Japan. The average income of people in OECD countries is $28,500, and in the United States it is $35,500.

Another way of looking at this is that the average income in America is about 46 times richer than that of the poorest 1 billion people on the planet. To show a proper graph of this 46 to 1 ratio we would need half a page

Nearly 90% of the US population is amongst the wealthiest 5% of the planet, and roughly 95% is in the wealthiest 10 percent. As this chart shows, a person making over $8,000 per year is in the richest 10%:

Source: Branko Milosevic, World Bank, October, 2002

All figures are based on purchasing power parity meaning $100 would buy you the same amount no matter where in the world you were. Differences in the costs of living for all regions are already taken into account.

Average per capita wealth in high-income countries like the U.S. in 2000 was estimated at $439,063, while in low-income countries it was only $7,532:

Total wealth per capita

Income group Natural Capital Produced capital + urban land Intangible capital Total wealth
Low-income countries 1,925 1,174 4,434 7,532
Middle-income countries 3,496 5,347 18,773 27,616
High-income OECD countries 9,531 76,193 353,339 439,063
World 4,011 16,850 74,998 95,860

All dollars at nominal exchange rates. Oil states are excluded. OECD: operation and development

For the United States, the average was $512,612 per person.

For these reasons, we will focus our efforts on raising money in North America and Europe.

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