The Least of These

You are in the wealthiest 3.5% of people in the world. There are 6,367,603,207 (more than 6.3 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 52 times wealthier than a billion people. (A billion people earn less than USD 762 a year).

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All figures are based on purchasing power parity meaning $100 would buy you the same amount no matter where in the world you were. Differences in the costs of living for all regions are already taken into account. Our calculator was created using the World Bank's in-depth International Comparison Project (ICP), which measures hundreds of prices for products and services in 150 countries as well as income levels. For more information on our calculations, click here.

So how does a person live on USD 762 a year. They don't have: electricity, appliances, lights, heat, running water, a bathroom, a telephone, a bed, a car, a radio, a computer, CDs. Almost 100 percent of their income goes towards a meager amount of basic food to remain alive. They would be lucky to get a few pieces of clothing and a bit of medicine. That’s it.

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If you make $33,500 a year, you are among the richest 5% in the world.

There are 6.2 billion people less wealthy than you.

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